Founder, Jeannie Miller

Wounded Veterans Project Inc.

My Mission is to find and help

Combat Veterans in need 

If YOU are a COMBAT Veteran in need, please register for help here...

Hi Friends,

My name is, Jeannie Miller. I am the owner of as well as founder of Wounded Veterans Project Inc.

"Combat" Veterans are those that served in a combat zone during their military service. I am married to one and know the struggles they go through. These Veterans have fought in combat and have been through things and seen things we can not comprehend. It is my mission to help these brave soldiers.


Coming home is not always easy for them.

Coming home doesn't mean their war is over.

For some Combat Veterans it means a NEW battles BEGINS!


I want to be there to help.

Thank you!

Jeannie Miller

Founder of Wounded Veterans Project Inc.

Veterans Memorial Necklace




Personalize Your Own

You can pick any name you want me to stamp.

This necklace has the American Flag charm added to it. 

Pick a name or a nickname (grandpa, nono, grandma, etc...)

Net proceeds will be going to Wounded Veterans Project Inc. to help Vets!



Drive By PD's Parade

Aug 6, 2020 at 7pm


We are gathering to drive by the Police Departments to show LEO's that we support them! Sister parades will be happening all around as well.

My parade is going through:

South Windsor, CT

Vernon, CT

East Windsor, CT

Somers, CT

 Get all details on the event page on facebook.

Look up, Back the Blue 2 CT, in events.


Wounded Veterans Project Inc. is starting "Adopt-A-Vet."

I encourage people to adopt a Veteran from a list I am gathering.

What this means is that you will bring that Veteran into your heart by:
sending prayers,
mailing cards,
having a child/children make THANK YOU cards and mail to your Veteran,
send over a meal,
check in on your Vet,
make a phone call to your Vet,
take your Vet to lunch,

These are just suggestions but you can do so many different things for your Vet.

Anything that will make your Veteran happy!

Maybe, go for a walk with your Vet.
Bring/Send some fresh flowers!
Go grocery shopping for him/her or do it on line and have it sent. etc....

You don't have to be neighbors, you can show love from others states as well.

If so, register at this link.

If you are a Veterans what wishes to be on the "adopted" list, pls message me in contact me section, or email as I can send you a short registration for you to fill out to get "adopted."



1 week in Lake Tahoe!

Hi Friends,


I have come across the good fortune to have an amazing friend donate her 2020 timeshare 1 week stay, to Wounded Veterans Project Inc. This person wishes to remain anonymous but wow what a generous offer!!!!!

We here at WVP have decided to raffle it off to try and raise money to help Veterans!


A one week stay at The Lodge at Kingbury Crossing in Stateline, NV is now up for a raffle!

This must be used 2020 only.
Your stay is entirely FREE.
You must get your transportation there.

Check out the lodge here...

Good Luck!!!

We will be picking a winner on Aug 18th, 2020
LIVE on my FB page (Jeannie Miller) so be sure to friend me!

We don't have much time since you have to use this in 2020,

so get your tickets now!


Click here....

Donation Drive

for Dunk for a Vet 2

Sept. 3, 2020 4-8pm

Dunk for a Vet 2 Fundraiser, to raise money for Veterans, has been moved to Sept. 20th! Erica (owner of The Shamrock) and I (Jeannie Miller founder of Wounded Veterans Project Inc.) can't wait!!!!

Due to co-vid, we have been very concerned about asking businesses to donate a raffle prize to our fundraiser because we know how much everyone is struggling. SOOOOOO what we decided to do is make a FUN night out of it!!!!!!

We are hosting a DONATION DRIVE.
We invite you to come to The Shamrock,
with a RAFFLE PRIZE that you will donate to our Dunk for a Vet 2 fundraiser. For doing so, Erica is so GENEROUSLY going to give you a FREE DRINK CHIP!!!!!!

Stop by!
Donate your raffle prize item!
Stay for a drink and enjoy the evening!
We think this will be a fun way to collect donations for the event. This way the donations can come from anyone and not just business owners.

Depending on what stage 3 means for bars....
we might have some other fun things added to this night so STAY TUNED!!

CARE WITH US and come by to drop off your donation/raffle prize and have a drink with us on ERICA!!!!!

Thank you!!!!

Next Fundraiser

Dunk for a Vet 2

Sept 27th, 2020


The Shamrock Cafe

Suffield, CT

Motorcycle Run and Party

Details here:

Net proceeds will be donated to:

Wounded Veterans Project Inc.

Jeannie Miller, Founder

"Help Us,

Help Veterans"

Jody Millett, Board Member

"I Got Your 6!"

Erica Rozanski,

Board Member & Owner of The Shamrock, Suffield CT

"Care with Us!"

This patriotic cigarbox guitar was donated to Wounded Veterans Project Inc. 

Handmade from quality hard wood floors

Can be played with or without slide

Acoustic OR electric.

100% of proceeds will go to Wounded Veterans Project Inc to help Veterans in need.

You can purchase as many as you want to increase your odds to win and to help support the cause.

Click here to get your tix....

Patriotic Cigar Box Guitar Raffle

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