How to Use my CBD Drops

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Hi Friends,

I hope all is well. Soooooo you have already bought my CBD drops OR you are thinking about it. You are just not sure how to use,

when to use,

how much to use....etc...

I will help you here....

It is SIMPLE....


So I can't just tell you a single answer. You are going to have to listen to your body. Think about the REASONS WHY you are taking CBD Oil.


If it is back pain....RATE IT before you start taking the drop...

scale of 1-10

1 not much pain

10 WORST pain ever!!!

Pick your number.

Maybe you picked 8?

Then start taking my CBD Oil!

ONCE in am and once in PM.

Start out filling your dropper to .50ml (HALF A DROP FULL)

Hold it UNDER your tongue for 60 seconds

Then swallow!

After 3-4 days of doing this.....RATE YOUR "WHY" again!

If it is back pain....


where is your pain level now????

Maybe now it is 6

Ok then you will know to UP your dose!

Now start taking once in am and once in pm

.75ml (3/4 of the dropper full)

Check where you are again after 3 days. If you aren't at the level you want, take a full dropper full. I have you do this because.....if it only takes a half a dropper full to get relief, why waist it by starting out taking a whole dropper?

Eventually you will have the PERFECT dose for you! And continue with that. Remember, you can NEVER OD on CBD will NOT harm you! You can NOT get high!!!


I personally take drops in am and pm and then use my vape in between if I am feeling any aches or anxiety.

Want to watch a video showing you exactly How To Use.... here you go...

If you choose to do that as well....I have vape pens, starter kits and oil on my site too. Once you buy pen, you need oil to go with it. Then you can just keep refilling any time.

For anyone worried about failing a drug test, using my CBD Oil, this is a direct quote from my manufacturer...

“It is virtually impossible to test positive with the products you have. You would need a high grade test by an official lab to truly determine if it is THC. I have had this conversation numerous times and no one that ever took an official test has failed when using the product that you have. They have with other products that have trace amounts but not with just CBD... unless it is with an inexpensive home kit. The molecular structure is too similar for a test like that to determine what it is.”

So there ya have it. I hope this helps!!!!

Love Longer,


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