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Need help deciding what CBD to use? Then read here first:

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The drops are designed to be taken sublingual (under your tongue).

I would not use them for your vapes because of the heat produced by the vape can break the CBD down. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a product to use under your tongue, the CBD Oil DROPS is what you need. 

Here is my blog on HOW TO USE the drops, please read and follow for best results: 

If you are looking for a product to vape, get the Pen & VAPE OIL.

The Vape OIL is made to be able to be heat tolerant so it doesn’t lose the CBD.

So use the VAPE OIL for VAPE PENS

My pens come without oil in them so you need to get the VAPE OIL as well.

The oil comes in a few YUMMY flavors!

Here is my blog/video on HOW TO USE the vape pens and oil. PLease read/watch so you know how to use/fill your vape pens...



CBD Oil Drops - STRAWBERRY!!!!


Vape Oil Refills - Stawberry


CBD Oil Drops-peppermint


Vape Oil - Blueberry Cotton Candy

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Vape Pen

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EVOD Vape Pen

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$53.00Regular Price$42.40Sale Price

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Wall Plug for Charger


Wall Charger for Vape Pens


No product

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Battery Charger for Vape Pen


Vape Oil Refill - Sugar Cookie

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